How The Work From Anywhere World is Affecting B2B Contact

In a car, at a coffee shop, even a bar….let’s face it work from anywhere is here to stay. Companies have learned they can cut the expensive overhead costs of having employees work from an office building. I read somewhere that Downtown San Francisco commercial real estate could see anywhere from 35-50% vacancy at some point into 2023!

So what does this mean for B2B Marketers looking to reach business decision makers?

The modern “work from anywhere” movement has created a drastic shift in the way many companies, especially B2B ones, now do business. Lead generation and demand generation have become increasingly important for powering this new age of remote business, as teams need innovative ways to reach b2b decision makers without face-to-face contact. To stay ahead of the competition, businesses must prioritize utilizing digital tools that enable them to communicate with clients and customers in an efficient way while still capturing leads and creating demand.

Texting business decision makers is more relevant now more than ever. Click here to learn more.

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